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born in 1952 in Switzerland
lives and works in Geneva

Member of the Swiss Visual Arts Association
Member of the Swiss Society of Fine Arts Artists
Member of New Century Artists, inc., New York

Master’s degree in Education from the University of Geneva
Master’s degree in teaching of art from the Fine Arts Institute in Berne

Several years teaching experience in Switzerland, France and Brazil
Worked 7 years for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)
in humanitarian aid in Africa and in Asia
From 1992 to present, all efforts have been concentrated on painting

Jacqueline Bachmann, contemporary visual artist

Art in any form has always been a part of my universe. Travelling too. I had to
go through the storms and thunders of life, the burning of Africa or the soothing freshness of Tibet to realize, reaching my forties, that painting was really the way
I wanted to express myself. The mysterious world of micro-organism or the beauty and contrasts of people, cultures and places I visited delighted my heart and eyes and became sources of inspiration. Music also has always been important for me. After a decade of work with various materials and mixed technics in abstracts compositions since 20 years I paint with oil  in a realistic style, deeply inspired by the nature. Currently, full of energy, I seek to create new sensitive relationships, both imaginary and poetic, between the public and my paintings. I am always on the constantly moving border between elements and various universes, trying to find new visions, other horizons. I paint by materializing the only important thing for me to share: a vision of love, hope, and dreams.


From 1979 to present  
Exhibitions in : Brazil, Sudan, France, New York and Switzerland
Numbers of her paintings are found in privates Collections


Byblos Art Magazin No3  copie.jpg
  • 2010 Byblos Art No3, p.56 (4 pages A4)


  • 1994 Illustrations pour l'album de Jazz "Faces" de Carlos Ward © Copyrights - Carlos Ward - PM001CD, Label PM 


  • 1998 La Gruyère, "Peintures et techniques mixtes, c’est Jacqueline la fougue"

  • 1998 La Liberté FR, "Invitation au voyage dans la matière… "

  • 2002 Gazette Pro Arte "Jacqueline Bachmann. Espace et matière sous le signe de la liberté"

  • 2004 Der Bund, "Jacqueline Bachmann. Mischtechnik"

  • 2006 La Gruyère, "Un hymne à la nature et à la vie"

  • 2007 Courrier Neuchâtelois, "Peinture et sculpture au féminin"

  • 2007 L’Express / l’Impartial, "Le cri des étranges mondes colorés"

  • 2011 La Liberté FR, "La Galerie Plexus expose les huiles de Jacqueline Bachmann"

  • 2019 Bieler Tagblatt, "Ein wenig Liebe, Hoffnung und Traum"

  • 2022 Anzeiger Luzern, "Die Wunder der Natur von Jacqueline Bachmann"


  • 2007 TSR Télévision Suisse Romande, Canal Alpha Neuchâtel, TV news of march 8th at 7:30 p.m.

  • 2007 Radio Suisse Romande la 1 ère RSR, Emission "Coup de cœur" 9.03

  • 2007 TSR Télévision Suisse Romande, Cultural emission (20min). Présentation et interview à la Galerie 2016

  • 2011 short film (3min) presentation of the artist, realized by Artraction Geneva

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