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2020 to today

Colorful Worlds

For forty years, the artist has absorbed the thousand facets of a world that she delivers today on the canvas “in positive emotions”. Powerful landscapes, tense, gray or colourful, bristling or tender, a humanity in motion, in search, alive. 


Martine Régnier


GALERIE LA GRANGE / Romainmôtier

2010 to 2019

A realist painter and deeply altruistic

Jacqueline Bachmann’s work reflects a whole journey of life which has been rich in experiences and emotions and is a true hymn to nature which she sublimates in each of her paintings. Her attention to detail reflects a deeply humane personality who considers art as a religious calling. Jacqueline Bachmann reveals to us the intimate link, the sacred relationship she has with all the wonders that nature offers and gives us insight into her inner quest which she endlessly pursues.


Alexandra Petit, Art journalist,


75006 Paris, june-jully 2017

2003 to 2009

A hymn to figurative nature and life

She paints water swirls, ice shells, the rustling of leaves, molten lava. Jacqueline Bachmann combines her travel experiences with her extreme sensitivity. She magnifies and intensifies landscapes : fire flows, foliage sparkles. Dizziness. Speaking straight from the heart, the artist says : « When I paint, I transfer onto canvas what I need to share : love, hope and dreams ».

Pierre Gremaud,  "la Gruyère"


april  2006

1995 to 2002

Jacqueline : fire and passion, contemporary visual artist

Her paintings exude the warmth of Brazil, Cambodia and Sudan. Explorer of landscapes and cultures, Jacqueline Bachmann’s travels are as much internal as they are external. She enjoys diversity, uses whatever medium is available and has aquired total mastery of painting techniques « Life is made of contrasts. This is what gives the world its complementarity » Opening new doors is an essential feature of her work.

Pierre Gremaud,  "la Gruyère"


october 1998

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