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Born in 1952 in Switzerland
Lives and works in Geneva

Member of the Society of Swiss Visual Artists (visarte)
Member of the Swiss Society of Fine Arts Artists (SSBA)
Member of New Century Artists, Inc., New York

Bachelor´s degree in Psychology and Educational Sciences, University of Geneva
Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Bern

Teaching for several years in Switzerland, France and Brazil
For seven years in charge of humanitarian missions for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Africa and Asia
Since 1992 has devoted himself mainly to painting

Jacqueline Bachmann, visual artist-painter

Passionate, curious and open to the world, drawing, painting and all creative activities guided me from an early age. After several university courses and various professional experiences in Switzerland and France, I also discovered another school of life, very complementary, in Brazil, then during my humanitarian commitments in Africa and Asia. Sensitive to music, I also learned a lot from contact with jazz musicians, by organizing concerts and tours. I sailed and let myself be carried away by diverse cultures, varied climates and striking contrasts. For the path of painting to impose itself on me, I had to expose myself to the storms and tempests of existence, to the ardent sun of Africa, to the freshness inspired by the Tibet.

At 39, I completed my training by studying Fine Arts at the University of Bern. Subsequently, in parallel with my personal pictorial work, I set up and led artistic creation workshops in Geneva for adults with psychological difficulties but with great inner richness.

My painting is the culmination of these experiences. Traveling the planet and the inner world taught me the freedom to be myself. After a decade working with materials and mixed techniques in abstract compositions, for the past twenty years I have been painting figurative and realistic works exclusively in oil.

Deeply inspired by landscapes, lights, reflections, I compose my images and create my colors by observing the plant, mineral and aquatic environment. This meticulous approach and this attention to detail reflect for me a sacred dimension of art and a hymn to nature. Each of my works is a search in itself, an exchange with the visible and the invisible, a concern for a fair balance, a search for harmony and contrast.


Byblos Art Magazin No3  copie.jpg
  • 2010 Byblos Art No3, p.56 (4 A4 pages)

  • 2022 Jacqueline Bachmann, Catalog exhibition published by Artifact gallery NYC (14 pages) 


  • 1994 Illustrations for the Jazz album Faces by Carlos Ward © Copyrights - Carlos Ward - PM001CD, Label PM 


  • 1998 La Gruyère, Paintings and mixed techniques, it´s Jacqueline the passion

  • 1998 La Liberté FR, Invitation to travel through matter... 

  • 2002 Gazette Pro Arte, Jacqueline Bachmann. Space and matter under the sign of freedom 

  • 2004 Der Bund, Jacqueline Bachmann. Mischtechnik 

  • 2006 La Gruyère, A hymn to nature and life 

  • 2007 Courrier Neuchâtelois, Feminine painting and sculpture 

  • 2007 L´Express / l´Impartial, The cry of strange colored worlds 

  • 2011 La Liberté FR, The Plexus Gallery exhibits the oils of Jacqueline Bachmann

  • 2019 Bieler Tagblatt, Ein wenig Liebe, Hoffnung und Traum

  • 2022 Anzeiger Luzern, Die Wunder der Natur von Jacqueline Bachmann


  • 2007 TSR Télévision Suisse Romande, Canal Alpha Neuchâtel, newscast from March 8 at 7:30 p.m.

  • 2007 Radio Suisse Romande the 1st RSR, Broadcast 9.03

  • 2007 TSR Television Suisse Romande, Cultural program (20min).Presentation and interview at the Gallery 2016

  • 2011 short film (3min) presentation of the artist at work and his work, produced by Arttraction Genève

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