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2020 to present

Colored worlds

For forty years, the artist has absorbed the thousand facets of a world that she delivers today on the canvas in positive emotions. These are tense, gray, bristling or tender, colorful, always powerful landscapes, with all the movement of a humanity in motion, in search, in life.


Martine Regnier


LA GRANGE GALLERY / Romainmôtier

2010 to 2019

peinture réaliste d'une rivière
A realist painter deeply altruistic

It is a whole life course rich in experiences and emotions that shines through the work of Jacqueline Bachmann, a true hymn to nature that she sublimates in each of her paintings. His meticulous approach reveals an intensely human personality who considers his art as a true priesthood. It is this visceral link, this sacred relationship that Jacqueline Bachmann maintains with all the wonders that nature offers us that she shows us as an infinite inner quest, a gift of self to others.


Alexandra Petit, art journalist,


75006 Paris, June-July 2017

2003 to 2009

peinture microscopique d'un sol
A hymn to figurative nature and life

She paints the swirls of water, the shells of ice, the quivering of foliage, the lava in fusion. Jacqueline Bachmann combines her experience as a traveler with her sensitivity. On edge with the planet, on edge... She magnifies the landscapes, the fire flows and the foliage sparkles. Dizziness. The heart at the end of the lips the artist comments: I paint by giving shape to what, for me, is essential to share: a part of love, hope and dream.

Pierre Gremaud, la Gruyère


april 2006

1995 to 2002

représentation et impression d'un circuit imprimé
Jacqueline the fiery, visual artist painter

His paintings have the warmth of Brazil, Cambodia or Sudan. Traveling with landscapes and beliefs, Jacqueline Bachmann marks a stopover on her journeys which are also interior. The artist masters the pictorial space. Using all materials, she loves this diversity: This world is made of contrasts, which bring complementarity. The essential remains: in her passion, she never ceases to open doors.

Pierre Gremaud, la Gruyère


october 1998

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